Overall, Romania’s macroeconomic situation is one of the strongest in EU in terms of real GDP growth, fiscal deficit and public debt, inflationary pressures and current account balance, with positive evolutions expected by some credit rating agencies. The output gap is projected to close in the 2nd half of 2016 amid strong recovery of the internal demand, especially in the private sector.

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Professional education

Enrolment in professional education has risen constantly, which translates to a shorter transit from the classroom to the workplace. At the end of 2014, a total of 156,345 people were enrolled in a form of professional education, 17% more than four years ago. At the same time, more than 74% of them were in post-high schools (97,640 individuals in 2014 compared to 20,000 in 2011).


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Hourly labor costs

Overall, the hourly labor costs in Romania are around 5 euro/hour, representing 1/5 of EU average in 2015, where hourly labor costs is 25 euro per hour. By sectors, total labor costs in Romania are among the lowest in EU, well below EU28 average in all activity sectors.


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Bucharest vs. other EU capitals

The cost of living in Romania – especially in Bucharest – is approximately 50% lower when compared to other important western cities from EU Member States (Vienna, London, Berlin, Paris) and at least 12% cheaper than other capitals from CEE countries (Prague, Warsaw or Budapest).


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Income tax & fiscal incentives

In Romania, most types of income earned by individuals are taxed at a flat rate of 16%. At the same time, the standard corporate income tax rate is 16%. Dividend income distributed as of January 1 2016 is subject to 5% income tax.


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Industrial parks infrastructure


Around 70 industrial parks are spread across Romania, most offering capabilities suited for industries like aerospace, IT&C and industry.

All industrial parks offer access to utilities, some particular benefits packages according to their focus and potential for synergies.

Investors are also exempt from land, building and urban planning taxes as well as for land destination changing.

Most industrial parks are located in the South Region (22 parks – out of which 14 parks in Prahova county) and the North-West Region (15 parks – out of which 9 in Cluj county).

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Internet infrastructure

Romania’s internet infrastructure is highly developed and competitive, boasting the top connection speed in the region, while also coming in 8th by average speed.

Technology’s rise to prominence stems from the good internet infrastructure.

Leveraging it falls into the hands of a handful of an increasing pool of very talented developers, who are ever growing in numbers.

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Future plans


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