About Us

AZURE INTERNATIONAL  is an Export -Import organization founded in India, by professionals exporting Spices and condiments to Romania Our exports to Romania are since 1996.

 We ourselves are largest exporters of Spices and Condiments from India to Romania. We are also importing walnut from Afghanistan  At the moment we are trying to diversity in exports of Rice and other agro commodities and import of wine from Romania to India.

We provide professional support to the companies that are looking to start up or expand their overseas business of Agro commodities to Romania. With 6 years of experience in the field, we offer productive, cost-effective and fast solutions to our clients. The solutions we provide are tailored specifically to each individual client and we don’t offer formulaic solutions.

Why We

We are efficient because:

We had already completed our first project in Romania long before Romania became a member of the European Union.
Today, we own two company branches, in Slovakia and Romania, which employ highly qualified staff. We know and understand the Romanian market, business environment and mindset.

We are a traditional export and consulting company. We do not give theoretical advice about how to succeed in the Romanian market, but we carry out actual operations to develop your agro business instead. Result-oriented operations, for example: arranging meetings with prospective customers, recruiting commercial directors or placing your product on the shelf in a Romanian store.

Business in Romania

We are exporting spices in specialized retail packing of 10 and 50 grams for cash and carry store like:- Metro,carrefour  and Mega Image.















How can we help you?

24-decision-making1-150x150I want to export to Romania

The receptive Romanian economy buys more than it exports, which provides international exporters with great opportunities to increase their sales. You will receive reliable information about the sales capacities of your product for the Romanian market. If it is satisfactory, we will draw prospective customers to your product and then invite you to meet them as well as assisting you in negotiations.

4-business-startup1-150x150I want to establish a branch of the company in Romania

Some export or investment projects are required to be physically present on the Romania market, for example to register your company, employ local personnel or rent real estate. With our own office in Bucharest, we ensure that the above actions would be completed successfully and efficiently. 8 to 10 weeks after the start of our work, we will invite you to visit Romania and hand over your fully functional company branch.

18-looking-for-opportunities1-150x150I want to find suppliers in Romania

The Romanian market in some areas leaves the door wide open for sourcing operations — seeking alternative delivery sources to reduce costs or diversify a pool of suppliers. We will give you an analysis to show the feasibility of your project and then contact details for reliable suppliers.